Intel® Server Boards – The new Intel® Server Board S2600 Family

The new Intel Server Board Family  is parted into 3 Versions. They released 3 new Intel Server Board S2600 famely reaching new performance maximized availability and scalability in combination with the new Intel® Scalable Plattform CPUs. Shortly after the release of the new Intel ® Skylake CPUs, which build the basement for high-performance database solutions, Intel® is expanding their portfolio by the additional option to combine their Intel® Scalable Plattform CPUs with the new Intel Server Board like Intel S2600BP, Intel 2600ST and  S2600WF to reach high flexibility and combinational options for better datacenter solutions.

The Intel® Scalable Plattform CPUs have already been presented by Happyware. The key features of the new Intel® Skylake Scalable Plattform were mentioned as the new  AVX 512 CommandlineExtension. The CPUs use the Socket LGA 3647 on all Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Versions of the Intel® Skylake Scalable Plattform with 4 to 28 Cores for a dynamical increase of scalability on processing units.

The Intel Server Board S2600 BP

The Intel® Server Board S2600BP, optimized 2U rack server.

The first presented Intel® S2600 Server Board Family member is the S2600BP it provides an optimal performance solution for 2U Rack Server Systems with up to 4 compute modules per 2 U Chassis upgradable to up to 2 Intel® Xeon® Scalable Plattform CPUs. The energy consumption is specified as 165 Watt TDP in a 2U aircooled chassis. In addition it offers dual 10G Base-T or 10G SFP+ network modules for best networking availability. Furthermore it provides 1 x16 PCIe slot, hot-swappable compute modules, storage and power supplys. At last it supports 2 NMVe SSDs per node in a 24 drive chassis.

The Intel Server Board S2600 ST

The Intel® Server Board S2600ST with standard EBB formfactor.

The second presented Intel® Server Board Family member is the S2600ST it provides an optimal solution for standard EBB FormFactor Server Solutions. Like the S2600BP it is able to use a dual CPU Socket System with 16DDR4 DIMMs and six 3.0 PCIe* Slots. The NVMe* 2.5“ SSDs provide direct attachability in combination with up to four on-board PCIe* OCuLink* connectors, to maximize networking access it comes with dual 10G Base-T and Dual 10G SFP+ modules. The high speed compression is speed up to 150 Gbps via three Intel® Quick Assist Technology (Intel® QAT) engines.

The Intel Server Board S2600 WF

The Intel® Server Board S2600WF for maximum flexibility.

The last presented Intel® Server Board Family member is the S2600WF. The S2600WF is an optimal solution for full features maximum flexibility for expansion purposes on datacenter solutions. Like all of his 2 counterparts the plattform provides dual CPU Sockets, but furthermore availability for up to 24 DDR4 DIMMs. In combination with three riser cards slots the motherboard provides support for 8 PCIe* 3.0 add-in cards. Four on-board PCIe* OCuLink* Connector for direct attach NVMe* 2,5“ SSDs. Like both other Motherboards it provides 10G SFP+ and 10G Base-T OCP mezzanine modules. Available in 1U and 2U system with support for up to 24 NVMe* drives in a 2U Chassis.

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