Hey!tech 2-in-1 Tablet for schools with a interactive Display

For improved communication between students and teachers the 10.1 inch 2-in-1-tablet Hey! Tech has been designed. It is equipped with a small secondary display with which students can provide feedback. In addition, the device is very robust and will survive even a fall from the school bench without damage.

Robust, cheap notebooks, tablets and 2-in-1 devices specifically designed for use in the school are available from many manufacturers. Also the Hey! tech Spanish company Crambo belongs to this category. However, the 2-in-1-tablet designated by the manufacturer as a Portable table with Windows 10, has a special feature on the back: an additional display for interaction between students and teachers which has been integrated. The LED panel with 16 x 16 dots resolution can display icons or letters. According to the manufacturer, up to 1,000 different characters are possible. Application examples are about icons in traffic light colors, with which students can indicate how well they can follow the switched fabric. Letters in response to multiple choice questions are another option. The display can also act as a “digital snitch” and display icons of apps, that students are not actually looking for. Facebook is an example here.

Hey!tech Tablet

Robust Design

Students aren’t always very carefully when deal with their devices. Therefore this Hey! Tech-Tablet has been designed to be particularly robust. According to the manufacturer, it meets the criteria of protection class IP52 and is thus protected against dripping water and dust from getting inside. Also a robust housing and Gorilla glass before is placed in front of the display, this should withstand a fall of about 70 cm higher without any damage.

The Tablet is based on the Intel Atom x 5 Z8300 with four cores and maximum 1.84 GHz clock frequency. The processor can access 2 GB of RAM. The mass storage in the form of an embedded Multi Media Card (eMMC) which offers 32 GB capacity. The 10.1-inch diagonal touch screen delivers a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. It can be operated with an optional stylus or touch pen. In addition, the Tablet has two cameras with 2-MP – 5 MP sensor. The Wi-Fi controller supports the 802.11ac, two antennae are integrated into the housing of the tablets. A USB 3.0 port, micro-USB 2.0, micro HDMI, and a micro SD memory slot available in the interfaces. The 8600-WH battery is replaceable and will allow the device a recharge time of up to 12 hours. The keyboard dock with magnetic attachment, makes the tablet a compact notebook.

The sales of the Hey! Tech Portablet in Germany has been taken over by the server manufacturer and distributors of Happyware, who wants to open up new business fields with the tablet. The device is already available and will cost in the trade 349 euro (RRP). HappyWare promises discounts to schools, school boards, teachers and educators.

Source: IT-Business.de / author: Klaus Länger


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Happyware offers resellers very special attractive conditions for the distribution of the Hay!Tech Portablet, call now:

Mr. Thedens, (+49) 04105 / 770 0016

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