We have moved – With our own new building, we are ready for the future

After nine months of construction, we were able to move into our new company building at the beginning of July. Our customers can now find us at

Brauerstr. 44 in 21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide, Germany. We can now be reached by telephone on +49 (0)4181 235770.

For our CEO Firat Güney, the move to our own new building was a clear consequence of the company’s success to date: “As our team has grown steadily in recent years, it was now time for a new building. There is now plenty of space for even more new employees and the realisation of exciting new projects.”

But the plans for the future are also crucial. We want to increasingly serve customers from all over Europe in the future. To ensure this, we have taken the construction of a larger, more functional and environmentally friendly building into our own hands. After construction began in October 2018, it was time to move at the beginning of July 2019.

With the extra space, HAPPYWARE customers will benefit from extra performance in future

While a maximum of 1000 computers per month could be produced and tested at our old company headquarters, we can now produce 1400. With a server room that can hold up to 10 server cabinets, we can now install more customer servers directly on site.

The new, larger premises also allow us to test up to 56 systems simultaneously. A significant increase compared to the previous 40 systems, which, in combination with simplified communication, has an even greater impact on production output. A warehouse that has also been significantly enlarged ensures shorter delivery and waiting times, while the direct connection to the A1 motorway and the location in a well-developed industrial area simplify logistics.

Thanks to these advantages and a generally simplified working environment, our customers will benefit from a lower risk of damage (e.g. when moving products within the company itself) and can look forward to faster production.

Sustainability as an important goal for our new building

It is not only the furnishings and design of the new company headquarters that are fully geared towards the future. Sustainability played an important role in the construction right from the start.

As an innovator, it is important to us that the new building not only increases work efficiency, but also energy efficiency. In doing so, we are consistently utilising new, innovative technologies.

The new HAPPYWARE building is constructed in such a way that all the processes that take place in it are certified environmentally friendly in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. Our own combined heat and power plant ensures an independent power supply. There is also a photovoltaic system on the roof and the roof of the production and warehouse is adorned with environmentally friendly greenery. A charging station for electric cars rounds off the sustainability concept: From now on, new company cars will be environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

One of the most important things for the new HAPPYWARE building: Better working conditions for employees

As an employee-orientated company, the new building was also designed with the future of the workforce in mind. The new building is designed to make work easier in general. New, ergonomic workstations ensure a greater sense of well-being. The short distances in the new company headquarters also make it easier to work together. The ability to customise all the rooms to suit our needs has also helped to ensure that our employees can work comfortably at the highest technical level.

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