ARISTA SWITCH- innovativ Networkingsolutions by softwarebased Technologies

ARISTA switches offers innovative approaches for networking solutions

ARISTA is one of the largest manufacturers of data centers in the field of Ethernet switching and routing. They have delivered more than 10,000,000 cloud-ports and offer a portfolio of 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gb/s products that redefine network architectures. ARISTA finds solutions to real-world data center problems through software innovation and a much more cost-effective way than its competitors with traditional proprietary switches and controllers. As a result, ARISTA has become the number 2 in the global data center market.

Innovative networking solutions through the use of EOS

ARISTA uses an operating system based on a stable open source Linux kernel in its switches. This provides a platform for building fully automated and programmable infrastructures. The operating system is called “Extensible Operating System” (EOS). Open source is used to provide a sustainable solution. The solution is designed to provide a standards-based, open and also highly available software platform to provide a scalable foundation for the business needs of future data centers.

Solutions are offered for the following areas:

-Monitoring and tap aggregation, for advanced mirroring and intelligent load balancing
-Network analysis, with features such as LAN analyzer, data analyzer, network tracer, VM tracer and Hadoop tracer
-improved routing, through next-generation DC- and WAN-installations
-IP storage, through dynamic sharing of the deep buffer for fewer packet drops
-VM-Ware integration, for full visibility of the virtual compute environment
-OpenStack, for automated dynamic provisioning of the network
-latency-sensitive applications, with dynamic buffers and also ultra-short latency due to cut-through switching
-port scalability, to deliver 100Gb/s for up to one tenth of the price
-SDN, for programmability in every layer of the operating system
-DevOps, through an open network OS

The advantages of EOS

The various EOS applications

EOS offers unprecedented flexibility for every datacenter use case. This opens up significant advantages that are clearly in favour of ARISTA. With ARISTA, the tap aggregation function allows you to reach any account regardless of the manufacturer. Probably all Network administrators can use ARISTA to operate all devices barrier-free via a command-line-interface (CLI). Through intelligent monitoring, an extraordinary application traceability is achieved through LANZ (Latenzy Analyzer) or DANZ (Data Analyzer). This traceability can also be used for virtual machines by using a VM tracer to get full visibility in a virtualized environment. Even with vMotion-initiated rearrangements within the network, you never lose the visibility of the VM. The unique EOS operating system provides the only switch OS that uses an unmodified LINUX kernel coupled to the hardware.  This results in individual solutions for the EOS system.

These keypoints of the ARISTA portfolio offer each network administrator the highest density, highest performance, lowest latency and lowest power consumption for his personal needs. Consequently, you will receive the most extensively programmable open switching platform based on ARISTA’s EOS.

ARISTA’s maxim “Our most important product attribute is Quality” is reflected in the product portfolio by combining the above-mentioned solution approaches and advantages in order to meet the highest demands. The products are divided into Jericho-based modular and Jericho-based fixed spines and linecards. And Jericho-based modular portfolio includes the 7500R series with up to 150 terabits/second and up to 2,000,000 routes. And in addition Linecard modules to meet the highest scalability requirements. The Jericho-based fixed systems offer the 7280R and 7280R2 models with a throughput of 12 Tbps, an forwarding of 5.76 Bpps and a maximum buffer of 32 GB.

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