Intel Optane SSD NVMe- Technology

Intel Optane SSD (Solid State Drives) set new standards in storage performance, stability, efficiency and low power consumption. With SSD mechanical wear is a problem of the past. Intel®‘s rugged SSD are suiting well for set ups that require speed and reliability. Intel® Optane SSD sustain requirement for Data Center, Consumer, Enthusiast, Professional and Embedded application profiles. The earlier versions of Solid State Drives (SSD) have first been improved by the use of NVMe. Intel® has found a way to improve SSD furthermore with the new Intel Optane Technology.

SSD – NVMe Solid State Drives from Intel

The Intel® SSD PC P4500
As a leading force on manufacturing NVMe Solid State Drives, Intel® has been setting new standards, with this solution of NVMe SSDs for data center.  Their previous product series using the approach to optimizing NVMe SSD performance was the Intel® DC P3700 and P3600 Series. The main point on this series was the dual-port NVMe controller technology,which main features are the end-to-end data protection and an unreached performance. These features have been realized by a second NVMe* controller.

The Intel® SSD Data Center P4500 Series provides a new approach on rising space density by using the 2nd Gen Intel® 3D NAND SSD technology. This SSD is built for Cloud Storage Achitectures to suit best the conditions of data center solutions. The risen space density provides a good solution for drive innovation, new services and agility for businesses which want to scale effectively to engage upcoming problems in a fast an easy way. The Intel® 3D NAND SSD technology is realised by adding a 3rd bit to the classical 2D NAND SSDs storage management system. This will raise the possible addressable flash count to 32, and realising a 3D Memory instead of a 2D memory.

The new Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Series

Intel Optane SSD DC 4800X

The Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Technology is setting new standards for High-Capacity Storage, Responsivness and Intelligent System Acceleration by using SSD key points to speed up slower storage parts of the system. Mainly it is adding a bigger cache to other SSD storage parts of the system to speed up the calls on data which are used repeatedly. These features are improving the speed of high-capacity SSD storages by providing a faster appeal on common used data on the storages. The Intel Optane DC P4800X Technology is having a direct positive impact in the responsivness of applications and boot times of different systems. Optane™ DC P4800X is realised either as a PCIe Add-in for Consumers or direct SSDs for business partners.

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